DIY Speaker Plans

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All plans linked here are free for personal use.

2-Way 5.25" Bookshelf Speaker

Dayton DC25T-8 & HiVi M5N

Argos TM / MTM

2-Way 5" Bookshelf Ribbon Speaker

Beston RT002A & FaitalPRO 5FE120

12" Subwoofer with Multiple Tuning Options

Denovo Audio Magnum-12

A Timbre Matched Family of Hi-Fi/HT Speakers

Dayton ND28F-6 / DS135-8 / SD215A-88

2-way Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

Dayton ND25FA-4 & DC130B-4

Portable 2-Way Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

Dayton ND16FA-6 & TCP115-4

Value Buster Subwoofer System

Dayton PA460-8 + Behringer iNuke3000/NX3000

2-way 12" Coaxial Speaker

Eminence Beta-12CX & F110M-8

3-way Shallow Mount Speaker Design

Celestion FTX0617 Coaxial & Peerless GBS250

Value Buster 2-Way 6" HT Speaker

PRV D230Ti-S/JBL HM17-25 & GRS 6PT-8

Value Buster 2-Way 10" HT Speaker

Peerless DFM-2535R00-08/Eminence WG-10 & GRS 10PT-8

Future Designs.

These designs are in progress or planned.


Value Buster 3-Way 15" Speaker Design with Vintage Inspiration

Dayton ND25FW-4 + GRS 5SBM1-8 & 15PF-8

Older Designs.

These speaker designs may not have full documentation and/or the drivers may no longer be available.

Both 4/8 Ohm TD15M with BMS 4550 (16 ohm) or DNA-360.

A crossover redesign for improved response both on and off axis.

Crossover design for Home Theater use