DIY Speaker Plans

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All plans linked here are free for personal use.

2-Way 5.25" Bookshelf Speaker

Dayton DC25T-8 & HiVi M5N 

Argos TM / MTM

2-Way 5" Bookshelf Ribbon Speaker

Beston RT002A & FaitalPRO 5FE120

8" 2-Way Speaker Design suitable for use in 2-channel or multichannel systems

Lavoce DF10.101LS with multiple options for the woofer.

A Timbre Matched Family of Hi-Fi/HT Speakers

Dayton ND28F-6 / DS135-8 / SD215A-88

2-way Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

Dayton ND25FA-4 & DC130B-4 

Portable 2-Way Stereo Bluetooth Speaker  

Dayton ND16FA-6 & TCP115-4 

Value Buster Subwoofer System

Dayton PA460-8 + Behringer iNuke3000/NX3000

2-way 12" Coaxial Speaker 

Eminence Beta-12CX & F110M-8

3-way Shallow Mount Speaker Design

Celestion FTX0617 Coaxial & Peerless GBS250

Value Buster 2-Way 6" HT Speaker

PRV D230Ti-S/JBL HM17-25 & GRS 6PT-8

Value Buster 2-Way 10" HT Speaker

LaVoce DF10.101L / Eminence WG-10 & GRS 10PT-8

Future Designs. 

These designs are in progress or planned.


Value Buster 3-Way 15" Speaker Design with Vintage Inspiration 

Dayton ND25FW-4 + GRS 5SBM1-8 & 15PF-8 


Ported 10" subwoofer design.  

With multiple options for amps and subwoofer drivers.


Ported 12" subwoofer design.  

With multiple options for amps and subwoofer drivers.

Older Designs. 

These speaker designs may not have full documentation and/or the drivers may no longer be available.

Both 4/8 Ohm TD15M with BMS 4550 (16 ohm) or DNA-360.

A crossover redesign for improved response both on and off axis.

Crossover design for Home Theater use

12" Subwoofer with Multiple Tuning Options 

Denovo Audio Magnum-12