Radian 5210

This is an older crossover I had designed for Beastaudio on AVS Forum using the Radian 5210 he lent for the design phase intended for surround usage in a home theater. A few people recently expressed interest in this design so I decided to create this simple page to host the info.

I am sure if I had another go at it with the more advanced measurement setup I have now and more thorough set of measurements I take that I could make some improvements to the general response trend at the expense of a larger more complex passive crossover. But little can be done passively to improve the overall ragged response of the high frequency section of the 5210. That said the narrow nature of most of the peaks and dips makes them less obtrusive to the ear then they look in the graphs.

Crossover Schematic:

Crossover Parts List (Parts Express):

Note: on the new PCB I used the Dayton 3.0mH 18 Gauge Air Core for L1 instead of the Erse listed below as the Dayton has a smaller footprint on the board and is less expensive.


Note these are fairly old measurements that were taken indoors and gated at 4ms, resolution below 750hz is poor(<1/3 octave).

You can basically ignore everything below 500hz as I doubt it's accurate.

Smoothing used is 1/24th octave.

SPL was not calibrated to any specific level.

Polar response normalized to On Axis.