Crossover Design/Assembly

Crossover PCB Design

Have a crossover you need circuit boards designed for?  I can help design a custom board and provide Gerber files or work with Fabrication houses to get the PCBs made and delivered with your required specifications. 

Just a hobbyist and are wondering about getting a PCB designed and made up for a popular DIY kit or speaker design that I do not already carry? I can do that as well, and if at least 5 people are interested in the board design I will waive the normal fee.

Crossover Component Selection

Need advice on which crossover components are required or are unspecified on the schematics? I can make recommendations based on the place in the signal path and/or size and power rating of the loudspeaker driver.   

If designed I can perform computer aided modeling to determine voltage rating and/or wattage dissipation requirements for select components in a crossover network such that these parts are not undersized and prone to failure.

Crossover Assembly

Want your crossovers assembled?  I can provide fully assembled crossovers for any of the boards that I carry upon request.  

If you already have the crossover components for one of the popular kits but don't feel up to the task of crossover assembly you can ship those parts here and I will assemble the crossover boards and ship them back.

Interested in having a crossover board designed or assembled?  

You can contact me here.