Crossover PCBs

Custom boards I've designed which make it quick and easy to assemble the crossovers for many popular DIY speaker designs.

Links below to the PCB kits I have available on eBay.

Other PCBs:

Don't see a PCB kit for a popular design you are looking for listed? You can have it commissioned!

Or if enough people are interested in a design that isn't listed here the normal design fee can be waived.

See the Crossover Design/Assembly page for more info.


  • Q: What is included with these PCB kits?

A: You get a single or pair of circuit boards (depending on the kit) for the specific speaker design chosen, along with terminals blocks, standoffs, screws and an instruction sheet.

  • Q: Do these kits include the crossover components?

A: No, you will have to purchase the crossover components separately.

  • Q: What tools are needed to assemble one of these PCB kits?

A: You will need a hot glue gun (with glue sticks), cable ties, a soldering iron (with solder) and a pair of side cutters to snip the excess leads from the components.

  • Q: What type of solder is recommended for use with these boards?

A: Any general electronics flux core solder will work perfectly well.

  • Q: Where is the best place to install the crossover in the speaker enclosure?

A: Anywhere you can reasonably access without it interfering with the installation of the loudspeaker drivers. For smaller speakers it may be easiest to install the crossover with wires attached on an enclosure panel before final glue-up.

  • Q: Do you sell finished crossovers that have already been assembled?

A: While I do not normally keep a stock of assembled crossovers I can assemble any of these crossovers upon request. See this page for details.

I've created detailed assembly instructions for the DIY Sound Group crossover PCBs I've designed but the same basic assembly principals apply to these PCBs as well.

You can find those instructions here.