PRV Audio WGP14-25

Manufacturers Info:

Brand: PRV Audio

Model: WGP11-25

Style: Exponential

Coverage (H x V): 45 x 45

Minimum Frequency: ---

Throat: 1"

Mounting Type: 1-3/8"-18 TPI

Dimensions: 6.09" W x 6.09" H x 4.33" D

Additional Notes:

1″ Exit – Short ABS Wave Guide – Screw-on 45 x 45 coverage by PRV Audio Brazil.

White version tested but all of the colors should be the same.

The threads on the horn I tested were unusually tight, most drivers started fine but required a good deal of effort to thread all the way in. That said I tried for about 10 minutes but could not get the Celestion CDX1-1446 to start without cross threading so that driver is absent from the on axis measurements below.


Test Notes: Off axis and polars measured using the Blast King 72BHM200PL compression driver. Off axis measurements are smoothed to 1/24 Octave. Since this horn is symmetrical I only measured one axis.


Nominal dispersion appears closer to 70-75 degrees over most of the range (3 to 10kHz). It narrows significantly in the top octave but this is an exponential design so that's not totally unexpected. Widens to about 100 degrees down at 2k below which pattern control is lost.

On axis frequency response & distortion from tested compression drivers:

On axis - measured at 1m (scaled to 2.83v), no smoothing, 4ms gate:

Distortion, measured at ~100dB/1m:

Distortion normalized to fundamental, measured at ~100dB/1m: