Denovo Small Elliptical

Manufacturers Info

Brand: Denovo

Model: ???

Style: Elliptical

Coverage (H x V): 60 x 40

Minimum Frequency: -----

Throat: 1"

Mounting Type: 1-3/8"-18 TPI

Dimensions: 4.75" W x 4.75" H x 3.2" D

Additional Notes:

This a sample waveguide given to me by Erich H. of DIY Sound Group. I don't know the model number (if it even has one) or the coverage angle. It is however very similar in appearance to the Dayton H07E Elliptical waveguide but smaller in size.

Since this waveguide is not available for purchase I only tested it with the Blast King 72BHM200PL compression driver.


Test Notes: Off axis and polars measured using a Blast King 72BHM200PL compression driver. Off axis measurements are smoothed to 1/24 Octave.




Coverage on this one is quite uneven and lumpy, horizontal is roughly 60 degrees from 6kHz up widening to about 120 degrees as you move down to 2k. The vertical pattern just gets more narrow as you move upwards in frequency again starting around 120 degree near 2k and pinching to less then 30 degrees just before 20k.

On axis frequency response & distortion:

On axis - measured at 1m (scaled to 2.83v), no smoothing, 4ms gate:

Distortion, measured at ~100dB/1m:

Distortion normalized to fundamental, measured at ~100dB/1m: