Denovo DW-774S

Manufacturers Info

Brand: Denovo

Model: DW-774S

Style: ---

Coverage: ----

Minimum Frequency: 2250 Hz

Throat: 1"

Mounting Type: 1-3/8"-18 TPI

Dimensions: 7.8" W x 7.8" H x 3.6" D

Additional Notes:

Symmetrical waveguide, only tested on the single axis.


Test Notes: Off axis and polars measured using a Celestion CDX1-1731

Mic distance 1m, measurements gated at 5ms and are smoothed at 1/48 Octave.

Raw Off Axis Response

Horizontal Off Axis Response - Normalized to On Axis

Polar Response - Normalized to On Axis

-6dB Coverage Angle Highlighted

Final Notes:

Dispersion pattern of this waveguide appears to be roughly 75-80 degrees. Slight narrowing in the pattern towards the high frequencies/widening towards the bottom.