Denovo SEOS-77

Manufacturers Info

Brand: Denovo

Model: SEOS-77

Style: Super Elliptical Oblate Spheroid

Coverage (H x V): 70x70

Minimum Frequency: ???

Throat: 1"

Mounting Type: 2/3 Bolt

Dimensions: 185mm x 185mm x 81mm

Additional Notes:

Square version of the SEOS waveguide.


Test Notes: Off axis and polars measured using a Celestion CDX1-1731

Mic distance 1m, measurements gated at 4.5ms and are smoothed at 1/48 Octave.

Because the waveguide is symmetrical I only tested the one axis.


Raw Horizontal Off Axis Response

Horizontal Off Axis Response - Normalized to On Axis

Horizontal Polar Response - Normalized to On Axis

-6dB Coverage Angle Highlighted

Final Notes:

Slight off axis flare in the top octave on this one so the directivity is note quite as smooth as the smaller SEOS-66.