Denovo SEOS-66

Manufacturers Info

Brand: Denovo

Model: SEOS-66

Style: Super Elliptical Oblate Spheroid

Coverage (H x V): 70x70

Minimum Frequency: ---

Throat: 1"

Mounting Type: 2/3 Bolt

Dimensions: 160mm x 160mm x 58mm

Additional Notes:

Square version of the SEOS waveguide.


Test Notes: Off axis and polars measured using a Celestion CDX1-1731

Mic distance 1m, measurements gated at 4.5ms and are smoothed at 1/48 Octave.

Because the waveguide is symmetrical I only tested the one axis.


Raw Horizontal Off Axis Response

Horizontal Off Axis Response - Normalized to On Axis

Horizontal Polar Response - Normalized to On Axis

-6dB Coverage Angle Highlighted

Final Notes:

Dispersion does narrow to roughly 60 degrees in the top octave gradually widening below. Directivity note quite as constant as the asymmetric SEOS waveguides, otherwise very smooth uniform behavior from this waveguide.