Cheap Thrills-12 Measurements

Full measurements of the Cheap Thrills-12 Speaker Kit from DIYSG

The following measurements were performed on my 10' tall outdoor turntable. Measurements were taken at 2.83v / 2M just below the tweeter axis and scaled up 6dB to approximate 2.83v/1M level.

Measurements are gated at 14ms and blended to the diffraction adjusted nearfield woofer response below 200hz. Smoothing applied is 1/48th octave.

On Axis Response

CTA-2034 Style Spin

Estimated In-Room Response

Cheap Thrills-12 Harmonic Distortion - 85, 95, 100 & 105dB / 1m

Note: I think the weird spike seen around 250 Hz may have been the stand I was using for these distortion tests resonating slightly. Possibly the same source for the ripple seen in the compression graphs around the same frequencies as it's the same measurement setup.

Cheap Thrills-12 Compression - 85, 95, 100 & 105dB / 1m

Cheap Thrills-12 Impedance: