Nexus MT Measurements

Full measurements for the Nexus MT taken 11/8/2021

Link to the Nexus MT Design

The following measurements were performed on my 10' tall outdoor turntable, measurements taken at 2.83v / 2M on tweeter axis and scaled 6dB for approximate 1w/1m level. Measurements gated at 14ms and blended to nearfield woofer response below 300hz. Smoothing applied is 1/48th octave.

Nexus MT full polar data exported from VituixCAD

On Axis Response

CTA-2034 Style Spin

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Vertical Above Axis

Vertical Above Axis Normalized

Vertical Below Axis

Vertical Below Axis Normalized

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Nexus MT Distortion at 80dB, 90dB and 100dB/1m - measured at 50cm to improve SNR

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Nexus MT Impedance