Nexus Center Measurements

Full measurements for the Nexus Center taken 11/6/2021

Link to the Nexus Center Channel Design

The following measurements were performed on my 10' tall outdoor turntable, measurements taken at 2.83v / 2M on tweeter axis and scaled 6dB for approximate 1w/1m level. Measurements gated at 14ms and blended to nearfield woofer response below 250hz. Smoothing applied is 1/48th octave.

Exported CTA-2034-A data from VituixCAD

Exported Full Polar data from VituixCAD

On Axis + 10 degrees off axis - diffraction ripple smooths out as you move slightly off axis.

CTA-2034 Style Spin

Vertical Above Axis

Vertical Above Axis Normalized

Vertical Below Axis

Vertical Below Axis Normalized

Distortion Measurements:

Measurements taken indoors, the first first three at at 1m, the final two at 10cm from the woofer which removes the hash from room reflections at low frequencies but are not valid above 500hz.


Minimum impedance ~5.5 Ohms at 110Hz.

The small ripple seen just below 200hz is the left woofer frame resonance against the cabinet mounting surface. I feel these woofers have a poor frame design where a sharp lip protrudes backwards at the edge of the frame and only 5 mounting screws. I tried extra gasket tape and tightening/loosening the screws which would shift the resonance around but I could not eliminate it. Oddly only the left woofer had the issue. I noticed pictures of the new ones being sold have cardboard gasket in there, that left woofer of mine didn't have the cardboard in there which may have been the issue.