HT-10 v2b Measurements

Full measurements for the DIY Sound Group HT-10 v2 speaker kit.

This is the 2022 update to the HT-10 design where the woofer was change from Eminence to Celestion.

These measurements are taken with the standard crossover.

See here for measurements of the design using the advanced crossover.

Link to the forum thread for this design

The following measurements were performed on my 10' tall outdoor turntable, measurements taken at 2.83v / 2M on the tweeter axis and scaled 6dB to approximate 2.83v/1M level. The measurements were gated at 14ms and blended to diffraction adjusted nearfield woofer response below ~250hz.

No smoothing applied to the frequency response measurements.

On Axis Response

CTA-2034 Style Spin

Estimated In-Room Response

HT-10 v2 Harmonic Distortion at 85, 95, 100 and 105dB/1m

Compression at 85/95/100/105dB normalized against 75dB:

HT-10 v2 Impedance: