Measurement Mic Frequency Response Comparisons

Comparing the high frequency response accuracy of the microphones.

I'm using the measurements of the mics at the 20cm distance as that group seems to have the best agreement at the lower frequencies <1000hz where all the mics should be very close. This assures me that the level matching is accurate.

Raw response from all the mics using the same CDX1-1731 with basic l-pad/filter - 1/12th octave smoothing:

Normalizing the response of each mic against the calibrated Earthworks M23:

Lets break that up, here are the two Behringer ECM8000's (no mic calibration file):

Apex 220 & A2000's ACM192 (No mic calibration file):

Dayton Umm-6's (Dayton calibration files loaded):

One of these is reasonably close to the M23 within ~1dB but the other is out by more then 2dB.

MiniDSP UMIK-2 (MiniDSP Calibration File Loaded):

Oddly this one is off the most in the 2-5khz range, ~1dB low there.

MiniDSP UMIK-1's (MiniDSP Calibration File Loaded):

MiniDSP UMIK-1's (Cross Spectrum Labs Calibration File Loaded):

Very good agreement with the M23, within ~+-0.5dB until 18kHz.

I don't believe the rise at the very top end of the CSL calibrations is accurate, if I extended the measurement out past 20kHz it swings up even more wildly ~30dB by 24kHz and I doubt the mic is that far off.