HT-8 Measurements

Full measurements for the DIY Sound Group HT-8 speaker kit.

Link to the forum thread for this design

The following measurements were performed on my 10' tall outdoor turntable, measurements taken at 2.83v / 2M just below the tweeter axis and scaled 6dB for approximate 2.83v/1M level.

Measurements gated at 14ms and blended to nearfield woofer response below 300hz. Smoothing applied is 1/48th octave.

HT-8 full polar data exported from VituixCAD


I used one of my older Celestion TF0818 woofers used to design this speaker, however it was tested with a brand new driver, the newer driver was way off spec with higher sensitivity and poor bass performance which can be seen in the graphs below. Unfortunately I forgot to grab the older driver to test again, I may update this page again when I test the design with a known good woofer.

On Axis Response

CTA-2034 Style Spin

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HT-8 Harmonic Distortion - 80, 90 and 100dB/1m - Normalized to Fundamental

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